1. Have a great staycation

    Have a great staycation

    South Pacific NightsStuck at home?  Don’t have enough vacation time to jet off to somewhere exotic?  Want to feel the wind in your hair, the water drizzling down your back, and the gritty white sands of an island paradise?  Then download my new book South Pacific Nights, and have a staycation!

     Yes! That’s a word!

    And so is “vacay”.  You might as well get used to saying both!

    Some of the most relaxing vacations are…

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  2. A dark world for actress Brigitte Kingsley [audio]

    A dark world for actress Brigitte Kingsley [audio]

    Actress and filmmaker, Brigitte Kingsley and husbandAndrew Cymek are definitely blazing up the international film industry with their Dark Rising brand and looks like they have more in store. This is the first part to the interview. Sign up to my mailing lists for updates on the 2nd and 3rd installments!

    About Brigitte:


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  3. Something new on KandieDelley.com

    Hey fam!

    I have a new category in my video section called, “Hooptie Chronicles”, …uh…I know.


    But it so fitting.  I have a 14-year old Mazda named “Emmy EGO” and trust, this baby goes.  Since I spend so much time in my car, and many of my story ideas come when I’m driving around, I thought giving some updates and convo from my ride would be kind of fun.  DO NOT DO THIS AT…

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  4. 1st quarter drawing winner

    1st quarter drawing winner

    Hey Cyber Fam!

    kd-homeLast month I mentioned a special quarterly contest for newsletter subscribers (of the NEW KandieDelley.com newsletter through mailchimp) who had the most activity in reading and sharing my newsletter.  Well…we have a winner.

    Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner, I was out sick for a couple of weeks.  EEK!  Anywho.  The people who have been the most active over the past…

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  5. 1st quarter random drawings and giveaways!

    1st quarter random drawings and giveaways!

    Hey Cyber Fam!

    I hope that you’re enjoying the new, “Keeping Up w/Kan” newsletter.  If you’re on that mailing list, then you know about the random quarterly subscriber drawing, the bday subscribers giveaway.  The winner of both are below!

    Happy bday J’aimee B., Jasmine E., and Nicole H.   Hope that you enjoyed your free gift!

    Remember, if you’re not signed up to the new, Keeping Up w/Kan,…

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  6. Getting saucy with Suz DeMello

    Getting saucy with Suz DeMello

    Sue1About Suz

    With 17 romance novels under her belt, best-selling, award-winning author, Suz deMello, a.k.a Sue Swift, has entranced readers in various sub-genres including erotica, comedy, historical, paranormal, mystery and suspense, plus a number of short stories and non-fiction articles on writing.

    Suz is also a freelance editor who has worked for Total-E-Bound, Liquid Silver Books and Ai Press,…

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  7. A Writing Process Blog Tour

    A Writing Process Blog Tour

    Welcome to a blog tour where writers and authors answer questions about their writing process. I have been tagged by my awesome author friend, Ms. Shelia Goss, who posted hers last week.  In her post, she gives you the 411 on how she makes her characters and their lives pop of the pages.  Don’t forget to check out her newest release, “The Joneses”.

    So here’s the 411 on my writing process.

    What am…

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  8. It ain’t About Last Night

    It ain’t About Last Night

    I watched the movie “About Last Night” starring Kevin Hart , Regina Hall, and Michael Ealy and it slapstick, cray-cray bananas.  But relationships can get that way, especially romantic ones.  It’s about finding the balance between a friendship, romance, and doing the horizontal tango.  LOL.  Sometime’s it takes a some couple’s therapy to get things right.


    I adore Regina Hall, so I knew that it…

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  9. In case you missed this…

    In case you missed this…

    The “Countdown to a Kiss” book page has undergone changes.

    On top of the original book video  trailer, it also has a suggested soundtrack playlist for songs that inspired me while I wrote the novella, (with the exception of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”).  LOL.

    It also has a new video, “Genny’s Video Phone Confession” a dramatized scene for the character Genny portrayed by Dallas actress, Jasmine…

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  10. 25 random facts about Kandie

    25 random facts about Kandie

    kd-homeHey Fam!

    +After updating my website last week, I had realized that after 12 years on the web (yepper!), that my Cyberfam only know about my literary, film, and business goals.

    Granted, that’s a lot of stuff to be in this short frame, however, there’s so much more to me.  So I decided that it would be cool to list 25 random facts about me that you may not know.

    Heck, I’m sure there are few things…

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